About Us

Supernova Company LLC

Supernova is a privately owned corporation has been in this business since last 10 years. Supernova is a leading online B2B marketplace focused on small and medium sized projects.

With 10-plus years of experience, we have an established track record of creating immediate, effective programs and applications for large and diverse populations. As an industry leader we maintain a national footprint so we can reach your people, nationwide. We have more than 100 trained associates deployed across the country. We serve a diverse client base, including more than 500 clients in industries ranging from health care to technology to manufacturing.

Our apporach

We recognize that organizations, like people, are unique, so we offer flexibility in tailoring your program to meet your needs. We build our product solutions by asking the questions that help us understand your company culture. Successful program design requires experience and know-how. Implementation takes innovative, energized people, the right process and sophisticated technology, with a personalized approach that takes into account your company culture As your partner, Supernova begins prior to implementation with strategic planning with the organization’s key leadership, a cultural assessment and development of an operational plan. We work to infuse our expertise with your operational goals and culture. At kick-off, and throughout program implementation, your program is uniquely yours, imbued with personalized solutions that will engage your population. Combining deep design, development, and domain expertise, our custom software and application solutions help clients connect people, Your employee population is unique, but our broad and deep experience in program design—from how to manage your screening event to structuring the right software and application engagement draws on data from our extensive client data warehouse and sophisticated analytics capabilities. Whether you have several hundred or several million employees, Supernova can leverage scale and scope to meet your needs.